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Image Production

Placeholder Images

Export layers settings:

Text outline stroke:

Color: 2b2b2b

Width: 60


Applying themes to custom control

Place Skin manager on form. Include following code:

      Dim ta As New ThemeApplier\\
      ta.ApplyTheme(Me, SkinManager1)

ToolStripEx Setup

CanApplyTheme: False

CanOverrideStyle: True

LauncherStyle: Office12

OfficeColorScheme: Managed

RenderMode: Professional

ThemeName: Default

VisualStyle: Default

Pane Controls


Dynamic Toolstrip system:

Add Main Tab and sub tab to:

ElseIf MainEmulatorsTP.Visible And EmulatorsTCP.Visible Then


Binding AdvComboBox:

Binding AdvComboBox to Enum

File Operations


In gi_emulator, OGZBiosSetStraightCopy holds the copy type. False:

File by File copy

OGZBiosSetStraightCopy =true

OGZBiosSetInstallList contains source file in OGZBiosSet and destination file for the emulator installaion. Essentially procudes Dictionary of KeyValue paris

KVPs separated by pipe, K+V by colon

Also, destination holds tokenised root dir. e.g. [%emuroot%] = emulator root

e.g. For epsxe: Sony Playstation\Shared\SCPH1001.bin : [%emuroot%]\Bios\SCPH1001.bin | Sony Playstation\Shared\SCPH7502.bin : [%emuroot%]\Bios\SCPH7502.bin

Straight Copy

OGZBiosSetStraightCopy =true

OGZBiosSetInstallList stores the rootdir for which to copy the files and folders within. After the pipe is the directory to copy them to. e.g. for RetroArch: Multi-System\RetroArch | [%emuroot%]/system


[%emuroot%]Emulator Root Dir

Emulator Packages


Settings Dialog

Tooltip Colors:

Hedaing: Style.BackColor = LightGray

Commonly Used

settsGlobalPalletteMode - Theme

APIs Used

APIUsed InLocationCredit
WindowsDisplayAPIDisplays + GPUs EnumeraitonNuGet
Cyotek.Windows.Forms.ColorPickerAdmin functionsNuGetRichard Moss - Cyotek
Wpf.Controls.PanAndZoomDesignCanvasControlNuGetWiesław Šoltés