Restarting dev from a brand new server setup

Ok. So it’s not a Cray, but tis a humble Dell T20 Poweredge Server. Given my plans to serve OGZ from this, it needed an upgrade. So I tootled off and bought myself a RAM upgrade only to find that Windows Home 2011 only support 8GB of ram.

Consequently I embarked upon a journey of fun and excitement [sarcasm] to essentially migrate my server to a newer OS. Enter stage right Windows Server 2016!

So, 8 days in to setting everything up again, what have I learned?

  1. My estimate of 2/3 days was typically way out. As ever, think of a number and treble it!
  2. There’s lots more possibilities now, including NextCloud and other self-hosted solutions that are tantalisingly possible. However, of course most are deigned to run on linux servers, so I’m 10p short on finding a way to get the best software running on IIS (damn you Hyper-V!).
  3. I really shouldn’t have gone to Specsaver – I’m going to have to return these glasses for a third time!

However, I am pretty pleased with the final set-up:

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1225 v3 @ 3.20GHz


16TB HD Space

This has helped improve the dev environment for OGZ. I’ve tried out loads of self-hosted project management tools – lots came close but most turned out to be cynical money grabs (e.g. some high profile ones offering all of the features, but limiting you on number of users). My final dev set-up is going to be a combination of wordpress, mantis bug tracker, phpbb and I’m looking for realtime document editing and cloud file management which can run on windows.

Anywhoos, back to setting up the 193rd thing….


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