New PC build; IRL stuff + dev update

New PC built to host the ongoing dev of OGZ. Quite a nice build: fast and future proofed. Bit of a PITA however, porting everything off my old PC which I’ve been running for about 8 years.
Specs below:

Oh, and it has flashing lights:

Unfortunately, I hit some IRL stuff recently, which has knocked off dev a little (bloody age and health!). However, progress continues to be made, with inroads in the following areas:

  • Rom matcher and ScreenScraperFR scraper working well – thorough and accurate
  • Integration with the OGZ database working well.
  • Integrated emulator download function so emu setups are as close to a one-click setup as possible
  • Continuing work on the GUI – now property grid function working for a lot of objects.

Basically, the barebones are coming together. OGZ can now scan a folder full of system ROMS;  pull the metadata and related media form screenscraperFR; download and install a relevant emulator and launch the game!

Lots to do. Next steps:

  • Some honing of the above – whilst it’s in my mind
  • Start on the biggie – the theme/FE editor (layout designer and some kind of governor to co-ordinate all the different FE layout components – e.g. the game sleector, pause screen, marquee display and controls viewer). This bit’s going to take some designing!

First screenshot showing the GUI admin interface:

A bit rough and ready but the framework is coming together nicely. The final version will have an “easy mode” – more intuitive, point and click at pictures type affair.

Onward, dear friends….


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