Workspace – Mission Control

Looking back at the past 3 blog posts, I fear I may get accused of procrastination!

A large part of this project appears to be getting a lot of the background right. Server setup; good dev PC; website; bug tracker; forum etc etc etc. So why should the workspace be any different?

Given one of OGZ’s features is going to be multi-monitor setups, I needed a lot of monitors for dev! Here’s a picture of the desk:

The 5th display on the left is one I use for testing my SBC builds (you’ll see all the soldering equipment by it). The rest of the office is for R+R and electronics:

Oh, and given I’m going to be sat coding for hours, I sourced a good chair – the Herman Miller Aeron (genuinely the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in). NB. I didn’t pay full price for it – got mine for under half the price. Here’s the animal:

Right, back to what I should be doing…


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