Welcome to OmniGameZ

OmniGameZ is a new retro gaming front end for windows systems currently in development. Striving for a bottom-up design - you're encouraged to register to contribute to its design and let me know what you would want from your perfect front end...
Lead Designer

Full wysiwyg GUI

Everything you need to achieve, from emulator setups to frontend design is all in one place, with no messy file tinkering or coding required. You administer all aspects of your retro gaming from one simple, intuitive GUI with full granularity if required.

One Click Magic

As far as possible, OGZ will make setting up your games a one-click shop. Point it to your roms, choose your emulator and OGZ will do the rest. It will download and install the emulator for you and give you tools to get it set up for your rig, including automatic bios installation.

Full controls Database

Another of the core design decisions is to construct a full controls database for all games. Controls for all games can then be shown when a game is launched. It will also accommodate different control mappings for different user controllers.

Alpha Progress